Laptop crash? Well, we won't say no problem, but at least you won't lose all of your data if you are using MuseMinder.

Secure Hosting

  • MuseMinder developers employ the latest technologies and techniques to prevent intrusion or corruption of your data. Transmissions are encrypted, and log-ins by staff, parents, and students are password-protected
  • MuseMinder servers are hosted in a secure data center.

Automated back-ups

  • Your data are backed up automatically, with backups regularly transferred to a safe off-site storage facility (backup products are encrypted so that your information is not exposed should those tapes/disks be lost or stolen). This is equivalent to (and sometimes better than) the technology used by banks and securities exchanges who manage financial transactions.

Flexible access controls

  • As administrator, you may set access controls to allow your staffers to see and change only information that is appropriate for them. This includes access to rosters, mailing lists, course fees, reports, email lists, and accounting views
  • Simple and safe defaults for smaller organizations

Personalized client information

  • Parents or students who log in see only the account and scheduling information related to their own accounts and enrollments. Parents view all their family members' information on a single calendar.