Student contact information? Who is enrolled? Who has attended? How much am I owed? What classes have each teacher taught? So many questions are easily answered when you have an orderly way to keep track of the information. MuseMinder offers a large variety of reports tuned to provide you with the information you need at your fingertips to run your business.

Reports can be viewed online, exported as a spreadsheet or printed.


  • active Student Count by Date
  • adult Member Contact Information
  • all Member E-mail Export
  • enrollment Levels by Date
  • hours of Instruction
  • merged Member Mailing List
  • music Library
  • music Library by Attribute
  • teacher Instruction (hours taught) by Date Range
  • instruct Gross Pay by Date Range
  • studio Master Calendar


  • event Enrollment by Class
  • event Enrollment Accounting
  • event Enrollment by Class Meeting
  • event Non-Performer Participants by Date Range
  • event Non-Performer Participants by Selected Event
  • studio Events Master Calendar
  • events Attendance
  • casting lists and schedules New


  • account Transactions
  • delinquent Accounts
  • invoice Aging Summary
  • donation Mail Merge by Date Range
  • donation Receipts by Date Range
  • donation Receipts by Selected Account
  • receipt Detail by Date Range
  • receipt Summary by Date Range
  • payment Distribution by Receipt by Date Range
  • payment Distribution by Receipt by Date Range/Single Account
  • session-based enrollment status (# pre-paid sessions remaining)
  • unrecoverable Receivables by Date Range
  • ... and many, many more


  • attendance Detail by Student
  • attendance Summary by Class
  • enrollments by Term
  • inactive Students
  • parent/Student Contact Information
  • student Contact Information by Class
  • student-only Mailing List
  • students by All Attributes
  • students by Single Attribute
  • ... and many more


  • attendance Roster
  • attendance Roster by Day
  • course Enrollment
  • phone/E-mail List by Class
  • scheduled Classes Master Calendar
  • instruction by Attribute (e.g. Cello instruction, Pre-school classes)


  • equipment/instrument rentals
  • undeliverable emails
  • undeliverable emails
  • online self-enrollments