MuseMinder offers three levels of subscription:

  • Base Rate includes all features, including the member portal and the online payment option
  • Economy Rate has no member portal
  • Mini** is tailored for organizations that do not charge for participation. There are NO accounting features.
# Active Students Base Rate Economy Rate Mini Rate**
up to 100
$49/mo or $565/yr
$40/mo or $480/yr
$59/mo or $685/yr
$45/mo or $510/yr
Not applicable
$69/mo or $799/yr
$49/mo or $569/yr
Not applicable
501 or more Call for quote Call for quote
Not applicable

Prices shown are in US dollars.

Feature comparison

Base Rate Economy Rate Mini -- NO accounting features**
Unlimited support/training
Member Data Import
Customizable billing
Account reporting
Fundraising Campaigns and Donations
Staff Access Levels
Annotated Attendance
Email Messaging
Staff Availability Tracking
Instructor Hours and Rates
Online Member Portal
Online Invoice Payments
Online Self Registration
Online Self Enrollment

** MuseMinder Mini is restricted to organizations that have 5 or fewer choirs/classes, 5 or fewer instructors, and fewer than 100 students/singers. Also, training and support is limited to 5 calls per year. Think church choir and you've go the idea.