More Features

New features are added regularly based on our client's feedback. See something missing? Let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

Music Library

Break out your spectacles and sensible shoes -- Track your music library with MuseMinder. Beside the standard title, composer, and publisher, you can track language(s), featured instrument(s), and indicate your unique library number for the piece. In addition, catalog and retrieve pieces by theme, style, ethnicity, or create your own classification (lists of descriptors).

Program Creation

List program pieces including soloists and other credits, plus duration times. View the list of pieces and drag/drop to change order as you build the program. If you use the Music Library, choose your pieces from the library to populate program item name, composer, duration. Use Excel output to create your printed program.


Store head shots of students. Print out rosters with photos for early-term name memorization. Snap photos and load directly into MuseMinder from your device's built-in camera.

Item Rental

Track instruments or other items that you may rent to your students or community.

Alumni Tracking

Mark former students as alumni. Generate alumni e-mail and print mailing lists.

Declare Emergency Closures

In case of an emergency closure, record the dates and the system will update the calendar to show scheduled classes as cancelled. System will also notify all instructors and affected students of the closure via email.