Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I record attendance?
A. Yes, you or assigned staff members can take attendance for instruction or events.
Q. Can I calculate how much I owe my staff?
A. Yes, you can assign pay rates by staffer and by instructional activity, and you can calculate their gross pay by combining their pay rates with hours taught.
Q. Can I output my accounting to Quickbooks?
A. Yes, but it will take additional programming to align your MuseMinder accounts with those you have set up in Quickbooks, therefore, we can arrange this as a separate task and we at MuseMinder can evaluate and give you a quote for the service. Most of our clients do not opt for this. Rather, they record the detail in MuseMinder (e.g. ten checks for $50), and then record the deposits in Quickbooks (e.g. one deposit for $500 to the tuition account). This way information is not duplicated.
Q. Can I have photos in my student's record?
A. Yes, you can upload a photo of any student you choose. You can also create attendance rosters that feature the photos.
Q. Can I set up recurring debits through MuseMinder?
A. You must set up recurring debits through your bank, BUT you can set up recurring receipts through MuseMinder that would record a receipt for the set amount on the same schedule as the recurring debits. Should the bank notify you of inability to collect, you would delete the receipt record.