MuseMinder Mobile

Keep your smartphone calendar updated with MuseMinder studio classes and events.

MuseMinder's calendar sync app is meant to be used by staff and clients of schools, studios, and other organizations that use the MuseMinder Studio Management System. Schools and other organizations that provide group or individual instruction can use MuseMinder to schedule and manage their classes, events, meetings, billing, and other information. The MuseMinder app enables students, parents, instructors, and other members to sync their smartphone calendars with their enrolled classes, performance events, and other meetings scheduled in the MuseMinder studio.

The MuseMinder app works on any compatible iOS or Android device. The iOS version can be installed through iTunes, or the Apple store. The Android version can be installed through Google Play.

Mobile for iOS

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Download and install using iTunes or the App Store App.

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Mobile for Android

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Download and install from Google Play.

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