We understand that arts organizations are about the arts, but paying the bills is part of running a business. Our accounting system streamlines invoicing and payment processing so that you can spend your time being an artist.

Flexible billing schedules

  • regular tuition (monthly, semester, etc.)
  • by single session (common for private instruction)
  • one-time workshops
  • pre-paid subscriptions (a.k.a. dance cards)
  • performance and rehearsal fees

Handle refunds and credits

  • track studio-assigned credits
  • allow complimentary classes and promotions
  • manage credits for over-payments
  • credit card refunds

Categorize charges

  • track taxable/tax-exempt revenue
  • record charges and payments under customizable categories
  • use an extensive array of accounting reports

Accept online payments*

  • your students can pay online using a credit card or e-check
  • online payments are automatically recorded in the system
  • minimize check and cash handling
  • minimize bank interaction
  • reduce lost revenue

* additional fees apply

Track staff hours

  • account for staff hours
  • compute staff pay based on hourly rate
  • assign substitutes, adjuncts
  • schedule accompanists and volunteers

Scholarships and discounts

  • track comps, promotions, scholarships
  • apply discounts based on percentage or flat amount
  • apply family and quantity discounts

compute value-added tax (VAT)

apply VAT to services and instruction you select (in countries where VAT applies)

track fundraisers and donations

  • track donation and donors.
  • track appeals
  • use system to create mail merges for customized thank-you letters
  • rely on extensive donation-related reporting


Select from over 60 account-related reports.