Two ways to view statement transactions

We are pleased to announce that we now offer two ways to look at invoices, and a choice of either for your clients to see.

The first style of invoice is what we have had all along. In one column it lists each invoice item (AR) as a charge, or debit, and in the other it lists each credit item (discounts, assigned credits, client receipts). The tricky bit about this display is that it might not be clear which ARs were settled by which credits.

The alternative style lists each AR and along with it lists any and all payments against it. Each payment line item displays the date of the payment, and the full amount of the credit (receipt, assigned credit) that was used to pay against it. This second style is helpful if you or your clients pay ahead, or if they pay large sums to go toward a bunch of ARs across several months.

On any account view you will now see two invoice links, one for each style.

We have also created a studio preference for you to specify if you’d like your clients to have their statements presented in the standard format, or this AR/Payment format. The beginning and ending balances are the same for each, rest assured.

Navigate to an account and view their statements in one, and then the other format. Navigate to the manage/studio set-up/preferences page to click the checkmark that indicates that you wish your clients to see the alternative style. Remember to save the preference by hitting the green button on the view.

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