Enhancements to events feature

We are pleased to announce an overhaul of the events management component of MuseMinder. Recently we announced the addition of features that allow you to assign roles and put roles together into casts. This is different – this is an enhancement to the event-creation, scheduling, and enrollment portions.

You do of course have to create an event before you start putting things on the calendar. The event-creation process is a simpler wizard that you step through, with fee-related views showing up if you charge fees, and not appearing if you don’t.

Possibly more thrilling, henceforth you can schedule event items directly from a separate events calendar. This calendar is different from the studio calendar in that you can click on it to bring up a view that creates schedule items. Our community had suggested “make it more like Google calendar” so that that’s what we did.

Last, the event-enrollment segment is also now a wizard, with less ‘stuff’ on each view. You can call students to scheduled events (auditions, rehearsals, performances, etc.) by class, by previous event enrollment, by role, by cast, or by individual. Many options.

All scheduled event items will appear on the personalized online calendars, and smartphone calendars as well, for all students enrolled in them. All changes are also propagated to these calendars.

I will need to record new videos for music school recitals, dance studio shows, and choral concerts. The existing ones on the first tab of the event-creation wizard will be replaced, eventually. For now you are welcome to try it on your own. Oh, and we did update the User’s Guide so you can have a look at that section (Productions and Events).

This is all in time for the preparations for Spring productions, recitals, and concerts. Please let us know if we can help you with that process.

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