In-house credit card charging

MuseMinder announces yet another extension to credit card processing. You might recall that during the summer we implemented in-house credit card processing, which allows you to submit a payment to a client’s credit card from your MuseMinder system if that client has registered a card in their online profile, or if they are on site and they hand you the card so that you may copy its number and record it in a payment profile. As initially designed, the system allowed you to settle the current month’s invoice, which would be any past due amount added to any AR due during the current calendar month.

Just as a reminder, you can pay online in this way by hitting a button from the client’s statement view (accessed on the account view), and also by seeing all clients in a list as displayed on the CC Debit link under the “invoicing” menu item.

As of now you have another option. You are no longer required to settle the entire amount of the invoice. As an alternative you may settle one or more ARs that you select on the Pay Selected ARs view, and run a credit card charge for the sum of those selected ARs. The view is the same one that you are familiar with on the accounts view. You make the selections as you always have. When it comes to choosing a payment method, you have cash, check, credit card, and online credit card. “Online credit card” is what you choose if you are to run the credit card from within MuseMinder. “Credit Card” is what you use if you have swiped or inserted the card using a separate machine, and you are simply recording the transaction in MuseMinder.

If you hit “Online Credit Card” as a payment method and then hit the “submit” button, you will be forwarded to the credit card input view, which allows you to type in the card info (if the client is right there and provides you with it) OR you can select from a profile that the client has set up previously.

If you think about it, this could mean that you could use MuseMinder directly for your credit card transactions, and NOT use a terminal provided you by your bank. You would just have to have the client’s permission to charge their card, because you would be able to use that privilege at any time.

Last reminder. If you do not see “CC debit” as an option under the “invoicing” menu item, this means that we have not enabled it here at MMHQ. We need to hear from you directly so that we can ensure that all your other settings are in place. If they are, we flip a switch here and you are good to go.

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