Introducing the Admin Portal

MuseMinder has a new customizable view for administrators. This is the Admin Portal, which can be reached under the Navigation menu item.

The Admin Portal presents a few quick-reference bits of info:

  • Student birthdays for a selected month
  • Staff birthdays (depends of course on whether you have input birthdays for staff. Input all their birthdays in the year 1999 – they’ll love you for it! The display only shows month and day anyway, not year of birth.)
  • Classes starting this week
  • Scheduled staff absences for the week (these must be recorded on the staff view to be visible here)

In addition, there are two lists, one for reports and one for attendance. The attendance list is simply a quick way for you to take roll, if that’s what you do. Actually I am going to ask whether any of you studio managers actually take roll, and if not I may remove this link.

The second link may be more useful for you. This is a Favorite Reports list. We have had Report Favorites for years, but many people miss it because they don’t notice the link under the Reports menu item that leads to the view to set them up. In case you don’t know about it, you can identify your frequently-used reports and have them in a separate list so that you don’t have to go fish them out of the long reports tree.

You have two ways to identify your favorite reports, and two ways to view them. There is a link under the ‘reports’ menu item, and now there is a link on this new Admin Portal that gets you to the same place. Once you have identified your favorites, they will appear on the Admin Portal AND they will appear if you hit that very discreet (read: essentially invisible) yellow star on the upper right of every view. Ever noticed that star? Well now you know.

Remember, report favorites is completely customized for you. Every staffer selects his/her own favorites. Also, the reports listed for any particular staffer to choose will be different depending upon that staffer’s access privilege.

Here is a list of two new reports we have added:

Enrollment headcounts by site —- As of a date you choose, this report shows the total number of enrolled students in private instruction, and in group instruction, segmented by site.
Make-up lessons scheduled —- If you select a date, the system will present a list of make-up lessons scheduled for the week starting on the Sunday before that selected date.

Both these new reports are listed under Reports/Courses. If you like them enough, you can put them on your favorites list.

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