Announcing multi-unit enrollment/billing

We have made still another option for you from MuseMinder’s list of billing options. In this new case, you can bill by the hour or by the session when your clients enroll in multiple classes at once.

Here’s the scenario. You offer group classes at $40/month for one-hour classes. If someone enrolls in 2 classes, they’ll pay $78/month (i.e., they get a $2 discount). If they enroll in other combinations, you’ve got a fee level for those as well. You associate these fee levels with ‘dummy’ courses, also known as Multi-Unit courses. These will be called

  • 1.5 hrs/week
  • 2 hrs/week
  • 2.5/week

and so forth.

You enroll the student in the dummy class to assign the correct fee, and then during the same enrollment process you choose the actual classes they’ll take from your list of scheduled instruction. The student is enrolled in each of these as well, at $0 fee.

The system has all kinds of ways to help you edit and adjust existing multi-unit enrollments. We’ve made a video to explain how it works. You can find the video under MuseMinder’s ‘help’ menu, in the video table of contents.

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