MuseMinder introduces course series

You may have noticed an additional box on the courses view that says “Course series.” This is a new feature of MuseMinder at the request of one of our dance studios. This studio has a certification program that is split into levels. Students who enroll in a particular level are required to attended a specified collection of classes during the week. Some of the classes are open to students outside the program as well.

Course series is our new feature that accommodates this set-up. In this situation, each level is its own course series. Course series are special types of base courses. You name them and you associate fees with them. They represent instruction that recurs year over year. Every year you create a single course instance for each course series. Then you associate the required classes with that instance.

You enroll students in the course series instance. This assesses the fee. When the enrollment happens, the student is automatically enrolled in all the required classes at $0 fee.

Here is an example:

The curriculum is Karate Certification. It has 4 levels.

You set up 4 course series.

  • Karate Certification Level 1 – $200/month or $1,000/semester
  • Karate Certification Level 2 – $250/month or /semester
  • Karate Certification Level 3 – $300/month or /semester
  • Karate Certification Level 4 – $350/month or /semester

Each operating year, you schedule a series class (course instance) for each level. So the first would be

KC Level 1 2017-2018, scheduled for the academic year

You identify the required classes for the series, for the year:

Sample required classes KC Level 1 2017-2018:

  • Karate 1 (Monday)
  • Karate 1 (Wednesday)
  • History of Karate (Saturday)
  • Drumming (Saturday)

You set up all these classes as you would normally, and you associate them with the series instance. These classes are offered to Certification students as well as the public, so they need to be stand-alone classes. Each of these classes has a Certification fee level of $0, and an open class fee level of $40/month.

You enroll Certification students ONCE in KC Level 1, charging the correct fee for the series. When you do this the student is automatically enrolled in all the required classes at $0 fee. The student’s enrollment history shows their participation in the certification program, year after year.

The users guide has more detail, and as the coming days go by it will have more illustration and possibly a video.

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