Easily see who is free to teach

We hope you have noticed a growing collection of free/busy displays under the ‘calendar’ menu that allow you to easily see the weekly schedule of rooms and instructors. The most recent addition could be the most helpful of all. This new report shows an adjustable 6-hour span and displays ALL staffers, with two optional filters.

Let’s say that you have set up a list for staffers to indicate what discipline they teach. On that list you have put options “cello”, “violin”, “voice”, “acting”, and you have assigned these to your instructors as appropriate. Then let’s say you have a parent call and say they are looking for 30-minute cello lessons any weekday at 4:00, 4:30, or 5:00.

Choose the “Instructor free/busy, all instructors” view under calendar. Choose the list “discipline taught” and then choose cello. Choose, say, 3:00 as starting point for the display. When you hit ‘show report’, the display will give you the nominal schedule for all your cello teachers. You can simply scroll through them to see if any one of them has an opening between 4:00 and 5:30.

All the free/busy displays also now differentiate between a staffer’s instruction schedule and the times recorded as ‘available’ or ‘unavailable’. Busy times now show as gray blocks. Booked or partially-booked show in colors, and free times are just white. All the displays also show a double asterisk(**) if the instructor is booked for a displayed time period in the future. The asterisks invite you to look closer at the schedule for that teacher.

We invite you to explore all of the free/busy offerings as each offers a slightly different view of information.

Back to lists, remember that you may set up any type of descriptor for your staffers, and with the staff-related lists you may associate a single staffer with more than one list attribute. Translated, that means for instance that a single teacher may be associated with three different instruments taught, not just one. Please check out the user guide regarding lists. You’ll find that under Studio Set-up.

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