How to pro-rate a first-month tuition fee

Some studios have a policy that pro-rates tuition for students who enroll mid-month. MuseMinder has just simplified this process. You may now identify per-session rates and by selecting one of these rates during the enrollment process you instruct the system to charge that rate times the number of sessions for the first month. Thereafter, the invoicing process creates AR records for each subsequent month at the monthly rate.

Some notes:

This pro-rata set-up is for Monthly Tuition enrollments only. (This means the fee has the Tuition type, and the system levies that fee on the first of each calendar month.)

Once that fee is in place, you create the per-session fee on the Fees view, under the Per-session, Billed-Individually tab.

Whenever you click on the monthly tuition contract type and your monthly fees appear, a list of per-session charges will also appear. If you ignore this list and do not choose a per-session fee, the system will create the first AR for the full amount, due on the first of the month of instruction.

An example:

You charge $50 a month for a base course called Children’s Chorus. You have a policy that allows children to enroll mid-month and be charged $15 a session for the first month.

You create a monthly Tuition-type fee of $50 per calendar month, and you associate that fee with the course. You hit the “Per-Session, Billed-Individually” tab on the Fees view and you create a fee of $15 per session.

You enroll Andrew Nye in Children’s Chorus on May 18, you select the Monthly contract type and your $50/month fee displays. Below that you will now also see a list of all fees that are categorized as “Per-Session, Billed-Individually. You choose the $15 rate, you finish inputting on the form and you hit ‘enroll’.

There are two more sessions in May after the 18th. The system creates one May AR in the amount of $30. The reference on the AR says “Children’s Chorus – Andrew – May 2017 (2 mtgs)”. The AR records for June and July are for the full $50 each.

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