MuseMinder offers IN-HOUSE payment processing

In response to a request from a new member of the MuseMinder community we have expanded your options for accepting payments from clients. Up until now if you wished to use your merchant account to collect payments from your clients, you invited your clients to log on to their member portal and pay with a credit card, pay with a selected credit card from a profile they set up, or pay by setting up a recurring transaction.

We have just made it so that instead of having them log in and pay, you can debit their credit cards or bank accounts from your own office. Naturally, you need to have authorization from your clients to gain access to their accounts, BUT you do not have to store their card information anywhere on your premises. All their information (card number, verification code, expiration date, and /or bank account number) remains inside To get this account information into, either you have the client input it themselves by making one payment, or you process a payment along with them on your office machine. In either case, their payment method is kept in a secure setting, but they (your clients) authorize you to charge their accounts and settle their studio bills.

This option brings the payment process into your office so there is more work for you or your staff, but it gives you control over when (and whether!) you receive payments.

If you are interested in learning more about this feature, please let us know. It is a feature that we have to activate here in our offices at MuseMinder HQ. There is no extra charge for this feature.

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