MuseMinder adds an instructor free/busy display

In order to make it still easier for you to check who might be free to teach when you are setting up private instruction, we have created a new free/busy view. This one shows the entire week for a given instructor. Please have a look at it – you can find it under the ‘calendar’ menu.

This display tracks to the “nominal” schedule of the instructor in question. Here is what we mean by “nominal”: When you set up a course instance or a lesson set, you identify a default instructor (this is automatically set when you create a private weekly lesson). The default instructor is set as the instructor for every session that is scheduled. If Instructor B subs for Instructor A on May 22nd and records it in the system, Instructor B gets credit for having taught that session, but Instructor A is still the default teacher.

That’s one part of the nominal set-up. The other part is the scheduling part.

Any time you set up a course instance or a lesson set, the system creates what we call a template for it. So if Group Recorder meets Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m., the system records that day and time for Group Recorder. Why does it do this? It does it so that next year when you are ready to set up Group Recorder again, all you have to to do is select the class on the list and the system will automatically schedule it for Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. You don’t have to re-create the course instance again, you just extend the existing schedule into the next year.

Similarly, a private lesson set may be extended, because it too is a course instance and it too has a schedule template.

Please recall that if a class meets twice weekly, there are two templates associated with the one course instance. There are not two course instances because students are only enrolled in one class, they just show up for it twice each week.

Templates were created to make it easier for you to set up classes from year to year.

As Summer is approaching you may be thinking about this. The first step in setting up your new year is to figure out which private lessons are continuing, and which classes will occur at the same time as this year. Once you have that list you can greatly simplify your scheduling by using this template set-up.

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