MuseMinder accommodates multiple sites

In response to requests from some new clients, we have created an important new feature for MuseMinder.

MuseMinder now accommodates studios with more than one location for instruction. We have always accommodated locations with separate addresses, but now there is a fuller feature set, including site-based reports and site-based closures.

Here is an example:

You have a main studio where many of your classes are held, but you also offer instruction at local elementary schools. These schools have different schedules – they begin and end on different dates and their spring breaks are all over the map. You can now identify the closures for these individual schools, so that when you schedule lessons or classes at that site the system skips the site-specific closure dates.

This change brings extra significance to the studio closures that you identify on your studio’s master calendar. It means that closures you identify there apply to the ENTIRE organization, including all sites. Therefore, if you are going to establish instruction sites, remember that studio closures will apply to them as well.

For the record, the studio itself is a site, so if your home studio closes on Memorial Day but other sites do not, set your Memorial Day as a site closure, not a studio closure, and it will affect classes scheduled at the studio site, but not others.

We will be adding User Guide instructions and probably recording a video in the next few days. Please have a look at those if you wish to identify sites for your summer instruction. Or drop me a line and we will walk you through it.

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