Publish Member Alerts to target audiences

We are pleased to announce that you may now compose brief messages and have them directed to parents and students in the entire studio, or to selected courses or choirs. These alerts will be visible to members who log in to their Member Portal. As such they would not replace e-mails because you cannot ensure that your clients will log in, but they would provide a complementary way for you to get information out to them.

The Member Notes link may be found under the ‘manage’ menu item. This means that at present only Studio Managers may compose them. Please do let us know if you would like us to broaden the access to Administrators.

When you click on the link, you may choose the audience for the alert. Choices at present are the whole studio, and one or more courses or course instances. If you wish for us to broaden it to events, please let us know. As an example of courses or course instances, you may choose Amy McLaren Cello and get the message displayed to all of Amy’s students, or you may choose only Amy’s students who meet on Tuesdays.

Once you have chosen the audience, you type in your alert. The alert will show up in a vibrant color at the top of the Member Portal home view. Multiple alerts will simply show up one line after another, like a bulleted list. You can delete an alert at any time.

The system records the alert, its target(s), and the person who composed/posted it. Once it is deleted though, it’s gone. This is meant to be simple, quick, transient.

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