MuseMinder devises a Member Portal home view

After developing the Staff Portal we got inspired to simplify the member experience as well. We are pleased to announce a new Member Portal Home page. Your clients will now see this view as their first image when they log on to the program.

The Member Portal home view shows the following:

  • targeted messages that studio managers can create to provide short alerts and reminders to parents and students. (We will describe how to use this in a subsequent message)
  • a list of all the classes, rehearsals, and events that pertain to the person or family of the person logged in for a one-week period starting on the log-in day
  • a calendar and a set of back/forward buttons to shift the time period of the events list backward or forward in time
  • big buttons to facilitate navigation to the account view, the attendance detail report view, the download-documents view if the studio has uploaded docs, and the open enrollment view if the studio has open classes and allows self-enrollment

All of the menu items and the full calendar are available in the same places they always were. This ‘home’ view is meant to give your clients timely information at a glance.

Please let us know if you hear any feedback from your community.

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