Announcing the Staff Portal

Recently we heard feedback from instructors asking us to streamline some of the views they use most often. We are pleased to announce a new home view for instructors that will give them ready information and ready access to attendance views and reports.

The Staff Portal is now the page first seen by those staffers who have Instructor and Instructor-Attendance-Only access. First off, there is a compact list of their studio obligations for the current day. Right and left arrows allow the instructor to move ahead or back by one day at a time. There is also a calendar widget to allow them to choose a specific day.

Lower down on the display are two totals that show the tally of hours of instruction. One of the tallies is the total time on the calendar for the current month. The second indicates the number of hours taught through the date selected on the calendar. If the instructor is looking at at date in mid-February, and then shifts to a date in early March, the tallies will change from February totals to calculations for March.

Please note that these tallies reflect sessions that are on the calendar with the instructor listed as either a primary or adjunct instructor. It has nothing to do with attendance. For that, the instructor can access another part of the portal, from which they can jump to any of the reports available to them. They can also jump to any of the attendance-taking views available to them.

As can be expected, the staffers who have the Instructor-Attendance-Only access level see links to attendance views, but not to reports.

Please let us know if this is helpful, but perhaps more importantly, let us know if we can improve this view in any way.

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