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I just checked and saw that we have more than 100 reports. In order to make it easier for you to get to the reports that you seek, I thought that I would re-introduce a feature to you: QuickLink.

If you look at the upper part of your MuseMinder view, you will see a box on the right. When you type any set of letters into that box, the system will retrieve any entity whose name begins with the pattern. What is an entity? It is any thing that MuseMinder tracks: a student, a member, a lesson set, an account. From that result list, you can hop to the view of that entity.

Here is an example:

You have a student named Marco Cellini.
He has a mom named Francesca Cellini, and she is the account principal.
You offer a course called Amy McLaren Cello.

You type ‘cell’ into the box. You see something like this:

Cellini, Marco Student
Cellini, Marco Member
Cellini, Francesca Member
Francesca Cellini Account
Amy McLaren Cello Course

You would click on the entity name (e.g. Student, Member, Account) to go to that view for the named entity, so click on the word Member by Marco’s name, and you will end up on Marco’s member view.

Now for the coolest thing. You can now type in a report name and you will get routed right to it. Type in ‘gro’ and you will see

Gross Pay Detail Report
Gross Pay Summary Report
Gross Pay Summary calculated by attendance and group instruction Report
Gross, Terry Member (if you had a member named Terry Gross)

Now, you might be wondering whether these sensitive reports are available to just anyone, and the answer is NO. Each report has an access level. Some are visible only to the studio manager. Many are visible to studio administrators as well, and so on down the line.

And since someone with only Instructor or Instructor – Attendance Only access cannot see inside the system, the QuickLinks box is not even visible to them.

Try it out!

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