New feature: pay override by individual session

We are pleased to announce a new feature that gives you still more flexibility in the use of MuseMinder’s payroll accounting feature. You may now override the default pay rate and input a new pay figure for specific sessions on the calendar.

Before demonstrating by example, we would ensure that you know two things: first, this is only available to studio managers. Second, this is a pay-related feature, not an accounts-receivable feature. If you add a session to the calendar and you charge by the session, the system will generate an AR for it. If you don’t wish to charge for the session you must still delete that AR.


Amy teaches cello to Daniel on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. On December 13, Daniel misses his lesson with no advance notice. The session stays on the calendar because the studio policy is to pay teachers in the event of a no-show, and if the studio charges per-session, the charge remains due.

Daniel’s mother calls and makes an arrangement with Amy to make up the lesson, and the studio manager has no objection. They create a new session on December 17th. However, the deal made is that Amy would NOT be paid for this session because she has already been paid for the missed one. Since the new session is actually on the calendar, the system will count in in on the payroll reports, but you don’t want the session to be counted.

Here’s what you do:

  1. If you have not yet scheduled the session, go to either the calendar or the course view and choose any session of Amy teaching cello to Daniel.
  2. Change the values on the view to the new date and time (and location, if applicable) of the added session.
  3. IMPORTANT!! Hit the radio button that “says create a new single meeting/lesson, based on this form’s info”. Otherwise you are overwriting the date and time for an existing session and that is NOT what you want to do. You want to ADD a session.
  4. Hit the button that says save and override pay for this session.
  5. After saving your new session, the system moves you to another view where you may input a new rate for that session. You would input $0.
  6. When you hit save, a record will be kept of the pay override for this particular session. The view requires you to input an explanatory note and will record that it is you who is making this override. These both will appear on reports.
  7. When the payroll detail report is generated, you will see the date and time of the make-up session in the listing, but there will be $0 in the pay column, and the rate basis will say “Override”.

Please recall what we mentioned at the beginning. If you charge by individual session, the system will create a new AR for the new session. If the deal you made with Daniel’s mom was that she should pay for the make-up session, then nothing needs to be done. However, if you are offering the new session at no charge, you must go to Daniel’s account and delete the AR for that day.

Here are a few more details.

  • The studio manager may override the pay rate for ANY session on the calendar. There is a button on the session-edit view that allows you to do this.
  • You can edit existing overrides. If there is already an override on the books for a session, there will be a button that reads “edit pay override for this session”. This takes you to that input view so that you can change the rate again.
  • There is a report that shows ALL overrides for the operating year. You can find this in the reports section under Accounting/Payroll.
  • There is an edit view that shows all overrides – it looks like the report view but there are two buttons by each listing, one to edit and one to delete. This edit view is found under studio manager/set-up/staff.
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