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Allow user-input for selected lists

Recently we received a request to devise a way that members (parents or students) might provide their own values for student or member list entries. An example may be in order. Say you wish to record the name of the … Continue reading

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Customer profiles for credit-card payment

We are pleased to announce a significant improvement in the handling of online credit card payments through MuseMinder. As of today, any of your clients who pays online may instruct the system to save an input credit card in a … Continue reading

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‘Do not e-mail’ option for members

One of our studios suggested that beside the ‘do not mail’ indicator on a member record, we supply a ‘do not email’ indicator. We have added this feature. Please note, ‘do not mail’ removes a member record from the various … Continue reading

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New reports to allow accounting by location or instructor

For those of you who wish to see a record of billings and receipts aggregated by instructor or by location, we have created two sets of reports. Receipt Detail by Instructor Receipt Summary by Instructor Receipt Detail by Location Receipt … Continue reading

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Whole-school invoicing

In December 2015 we made an important enhancement to the invoicing process. You may now choose to have the system send an email invoice to every active account in your studio, all at one time. On your invoicing view you … Continue reading

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Announcing auto-renewal of private lessons

We know that many of you will be thrilled to hear of MuseMinder’s newest feature. At the end of your operating year, or at the cusp of scheduling periods, you may now extend private weekly lessons into a future time … Continue reading

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MuseMinder releases Version 5

Our programming staff spent the summer of 2015 refreshing and revising the MuseMinder program. This is necessary, important work because as the libraries and languages we use evolve, so must we. We released MuseMinder Version 5 in October 2015, and … Continue reading

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Give permission to instructors to delete class sessions – a settable option

We have added another option that you may enable through the studio set-up preferences view. This option, when checked, would allow any of your instructors who have been given “Instructor” access to delete any of their own class sessions from … Continue reading

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Confirmation emails for course edits — a settable option

Different studios have different needs, and sometimes they have different needs at different times. When we sense this we try to give you a way to change settings in your system so that you get what you need when you … Continue reading

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Confirmation emails to students/parents upon enrollment

In response to a request by a member studio, in August 2015 we added a feature to the MuseMinder enrollment process. Henceforth, the system can send a confirmation email to the student being enrolled in a class or lesson set … Continue reading

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