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New report: Receipt List

We have a a bunch of accounting reports but we lacked one that simply listed the cash/checks/credit card payments received during a day or date range. We have that now — it’s called Receipt List. Here is a quick description … Continue reading

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Enrolling an existing parent in a studio class

Sometimes you have the happy situation where a child and parent are both taking classes at your studio. If the child is already enrolled and then the parent decides to enroll, here is how to set that up: Go to … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer — an uneasy peace

I had an amusing interchange the other day with studio parent who was having trouble logging in to her studio’s client portal. I mentioned that MuseMinder works best under FireFox and she asked where our offices are located. I said … Continue reading

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Tighter response to bad emails

I’m sure you’ll all agree that you want your email lists to be as clean as possible, but it is a challenge to find and fix bad addresses. We have been working on ways to curtail bounced emails and to … Continue reading

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Instructor hours detail now includes attendance

We have added a feature to the instructor hours detail report. This feature applies if the class being taught is private instruction with one student. There is now a column in that report that indicates whether the student was marked … Continue reading

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Associate a staffer with more than one attribute

In the past you have been able to categorize your students, or your courses, or your staff by creating a ‘list’ entry for that entity. So for a student you might have set up two lists: ‘School’, and ‘Referral Method’. … Continue reading

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User interface — the importance of the tab

Just a note here in case you are wondering why sometimes views act in unexpected ways. On most web-based forms — not just MuseMinder, but most forms online — if you hit the ‘enter’ key, you will submit the form. … Continue reading

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