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Easily see who is free to teach

We hope you have noticed a growing collection of free/busy displays under the ‘calendar’ menu that allow you to easily see the weekly schedule of rooms and instructors. The most recent addition could be the most helpful of all. This … Continue reading

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Record when teachers can teach — or when they cannot

In response to a request from the MuseMinder community, we have published an alternative way to record the times that staff are available to teach at your studio. Now in addition to recording when people are unavailable, you may instead … Continue reading

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MuseMinder adds an instructor free/busy display

In order to make it still easier for you to check who might be free to teach when you are setting up private instruction, we have created a new free/busy view. This one shows the entire week for a given … Continue reading

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New feature: pay override by individual session

We are pleased to announce a new feature that gives you still more flexibility in the use of MuseMinder’s payroll accounting feature. You may now override the default pay rate and input a new pay figure for specific sessions on … Continue reading

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Enhancements to the make-up feature

We recently made some enhancements to the feature in MuseMinder that allows you to track make-up arrangements. First, you now can hop to the make-up arrangement view directly from the calendar if you click on a tile. Second, there is … Continue reading

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A resource free/busy display for rooms and instructors

We are so pleased to introduce to you two new resource-management displays that show the free/busy status of instructors and instruction rooms. You can find these displays under your ‘calendar’ menu icon. Each display shows the free/busy status of either … Continue reading

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Instructors may now enroll, if granted the privilege

We are pleased to announce a feature that allows you to allow selected instructors to enroll students in weekly private instruction. You might recall that there are different access levels that you can assign to any member of your studio. … Continue reading

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Assign adjunct staff to events in MuseMinder

We have added a new feature to our events component that allows you to assign additional staffers to any scheduled item on the calendar. Since these adjunct staffers will appear on the roster you may record their attendance, and if … Continue reading

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Give permission to instructors to delete class sessions – a settable option

We have added another option that you may enable through the studio set-up preferences view. This option, when checked, would allow any of your instructors who have been given “Instructor” access to delete any of their own class sessions from … Continue reading

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Calendar displays room availability to instructors

In the past, a staff member who had the Instructor role could see only their own classes on the MuseMinder calendar. This might have made schedule changes challenging if the instructor did not know whether a room might be free. … Continue reading

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